Our Story

A family business with deep European roots, Little Belgians embraces old-world recipes in crafting the finest Organic Speculoos Cookies, Jumbo Natural Marshmallows, and our unique twist on the quintessential American S’Mores.

As owners, we—along with our three amazing daughters and dedicated and talented team of bakers—embrace clean ingredients to offer the healthiest bit of sweetness to brighten everyone’s day.  We are dedicated to utilizing only sustainably produced ingredients including organic flours, sugars, and spices, as well as biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Our ingredients are always non-GMO and preservative free.

At Little Belgians, we treat each of our products with care and trust you will find them the best Cookies and Marshmallows you have ever tasted.

Thank you for choosing Little Belgians! We are honored.

 Sonya & Neil