**NEW DARK COCOA SPECULOOS SPICE**Saint Nick Cookie-Dark Cocoa Speculoos Spice Sold Out for 2022



Saint Nick, Santa’s European ancestor, is Belgium’s most beloved holiday icon. On the eve of December 5th the patron saint of generosity rides his horse over the rooftops and fills children’s shoes with toys and extra large speculoos cookies.

Our new Dark Cocoa Speculoos Spice 10″ Saint Nick cookie (3.1 oz)  makes a delicious holiday gift to fill shoes and stockings alike–Available for a limited time!




wheat, milk, eggs


organic unbleached flour, organic dark brown sugar, organic unsalted butter (sweet cream, culture), organic eggs, organic spices, baking soda, salt

shelf life

We make our speculoos cookies by hand in small batches and do not use any preservatives. The heat sealed bag guarantees a 100 day shelf life. Be sure to store covered in a cool, dry place away from direct sun.